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A New Era 
of Wagering

Shift Your Perspective, Hammer Down on Your Predictions


DraftKings for car nerds.

Join the auction action with Hammershift! Your car auction savvy could be your ticket to victory. Feel the rush of live auctions, strategize your wagers, and anticipate the fall of the gavel. This is no game of chance—it's a test of your knowledge and a thrill ride with every bid.

BETA Access

Quick sign-up process for immediate access to the BETA auction prediction platform.

Live Auction Collaboration

Partnership with Bring a Trailer (BaT) for live auction feeds, allowing users to select and predict auction outcomes.

Prediction and Strategy

Users make informed predictions on car auction outcomes, testing their knowledge against market trends and historical data.

Community Engagement and Learning

HammerShift is a community platform for learning, with tools for performance analysis and opportunities for competition and discussion.

 Sign up for our beta and get FREE wagering on tournaments.

Must be willing to provide feedback via form or 15 minute meeting.

Thanks for submitting! Check your inbox for your link to the beta!

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